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Talking a Whole Lotta App

Mark Brown says…

If you’re anything like me, your smart phone is probably within arm’s reach 24/7. And like me, you’ve probably experienced those moments of panic when it inexplicably goes missing or god forbid, the battery dies and there’s no charger in sight!

So, why not make the most of this close relationship and utilise your phone to improve your productivity at work?
Here are a few apps that aren’t super cool, but are really clever and useful…


If you work from multiple computers, across various devices or share documents with colleagues, you’ll be well aware of the pain of having multiple versions of documents or having to transfer files via email or USB drives. This is where Dropbox shines!
Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service which automatically synchronises documents across all devices on which it’s installed. You also have the ability to share specific files or folders with colleagues as required. Dropbox fully integrates with your systems and acts like a normal folder, so there is no need to alter the way you operate.


Gone are the days of scribbling details into a little handbook of all your car trips to substantiate your business usage. With this App you simply enter a few details of your trip and the app takes care of the rest for you. Once you complete your 12 week period, you can simply email reports straight to yourself or your accountant. All reports are based on ATO guidelines and have been approved for use by the taxation office.


The name says it all really.
GeniusScan saves the day whenever you need to make a scan of a document and you’re out of the office. Utilising your smart phone’s camera, the App captures an image of the document and processes it by automatically cropping, rotating and adjusting colours to create a quality PDF file. You can then email, save or add to your Dropbox folder for later use. Simple as that!


If you’re struggling to find the time to manage all your business’ social media pages then this one might be for you. HooteSuite can aggregate all of the common social media sites into the one app. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more can be integrated with your posts being pushed to one, multiple or all sites at your choosing. There is also a desktop version of this App for the office.

What Apps can’t you live without?

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