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The Obligatory "About Us" Page

Proctor Major PartnersWho are we?

The Proctor Major business  has been around for nearly 40 years – before some of us were born!

Today we’re a small, dedicated group of young professionals who work with you on your business. We take meticulous care with everything we do to ensure you have one less to worry about and can go about your business.

What do we do?

We do the essential stuff very well, PLUS a host of other services you may not expect from your accountant.

We will sweat bullets to make sure you:

  • get the best advice on business strategies,
  • recruit the most suitable employees,
  • finance your vision and
  • put a figure on how much all your hard work is worth.

This leaves you to concentrate on the fun stuff – like growing your business – and doing the things you love.

Who we do it for.

We’re in business for people. We understand that businesses ARE people, and  that your business is about much broader issues than the bottom line – it’s often about achieving the right balance between ‘Work’ and ‘Play’. We work with people to get the balance right. Numbers are just part of the equation.

Why we do it.

We do it because we love it – and we’re good at it!  We enjoy the relationships with each other, our clients and the friends we make along the way. We love the daily challenges and the camaraderie that these engender in our small team. We like giving back to our local community and the wider business community. We like having fun at work. We like to laugh. Just because.

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