Business valuation are often associated with an exit strategy or a negotiation tool. Our valuations can be useful whether a deal is imminent or not. More than placing a value on your business as it stands, our service can also advise you on how to build the value of your business. Analysis of your current situation and advising how best to improve on strengths and minimise weaknesses is a vital part of this service.


Having an experienced person negotiating on your behalf with knowledge of legal structures and tax implications of different outcomes could be the difference between a 'good' and a 'great' deal. Often an emotionally taxing time, this service can save you more than money.


We offer expertise as 'virtual' Board Members and Business Advisors. Our knowledge of correct business protocols and years of experience with SMEs provides business owners with an invaluable sounding board and knowledge in areas of business that they may not have themselves. We can help you with goal settings, corporate strategies and other longer term plans of your business creating a powerful outcome driven culture.


As a business owner you often invest heavily in a team of potential champions, but how do you make them a 'champion team'? Getting the mix of talent right and pulling together in the same direction can sometimes be more than some business owners can handle. We can assist with all aspects of team management and structuring. Psychometric assessments for recruitment, performance and management to align expectations and retreats/workshops for team building are just some of the ways we can make this often daunting aspect of business more enjoyable and rewarding.


Having the correct corporate setup in the first place - or changing it if it isn't suitable - is essential for many reasons, from asset protection to tax optimisation and succession planning. Our approach to this vital area is proactive and can be a simple, effective way to maximise reward for effort.