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A Successful Day – Every Day!

Emily Lylak susses ‘Success’…

Ever have one of those days when it just feels like you’ve achieved nothing? It’s 3pm and your list of things to do remains unchanged , but you’ve been busy ALL day?  Where has the day gone and why don’t you feel productive?!?
We all can relate, but following a few simple tips everyday, can make everyday that little bit more successful.
1. Get a Good Night’s Rest
Not only does sleep deprivation kill performance, it also kills creativity and memory too. Going a full day without sleep or a week of sleeping four or five hours a night is like being legally drunk, the impairment equivalent to 0.1% blood alcohol. You wouldn’t drive your car drunk, so don’t drive your business drunk either!

2. Eat Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. True Story. Many studies have shown that skipping breakfast can diminish concentration levels and reduce performance levels. Eating first thing not only improves your memory and allows you to focus better it may also reduce the risk of illness and the numbers on the scales.

3. ‘Check-In’ with your Boss and/or Employees
Touch base with your colleagues. See what they’re up to and if there is anything you can help with, or vice/versa. Not only can this build relationships, it can also make work flow more effectively. However, if you’re a supervisor, don’t get checking-up confused with checking-in. Micromanaging can lead to staff feeling that their judgement, talent and skills are not valued. Checking-in promotes communication, collaboration and sharing. It will create stronger bonds with your colleagues and an improved ‘open-door’ environment.

4. Prioritise & Tackle the ‘Big Projects’ first
If you’re getting a good night’s sleep and eating breakfast, the morning should be your most productive time of the day. So utilise it! Tackle the big projects first. Set-aside some time in the afternoon, during your downtime when you’re least productive to respond to emails and return calls. Manage your distractions and stop checking your email every five minutes! It’s highly unproductive and takes time and concentration away from the important tasks.

5. Make a ‘To-Do’ list the day before
Write your ‘To-Do’ list for the next day before you go home – you’ll be surprised by how much this can help. Prioritise your tasks and the next day when you come in, you can dive right into work and tackle the important tasks first.

Seems pretty simple right? Well – it is. Everyone can follow these simple and effective tips and make every day a successful day.

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