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Would you ask your hairdresser to fix your car?

Stuart Major talks hair, cars and communication skills…

Why is it that so many people take advice from Their Mate at the Pub rather than seeking the assistance of a professional…????

We invariably see new clients whose financial health is in poor condition and when quizzed about how this has come about, they simply refer to advice (WTF?) they have previously sourced from friends and workmates.  Most of the time a simple phone call to their accountant could have prevented what turns out to be timely and seriously costly mistakes.

Would you ask your local hairdresser how to fix your car?  Probably not!  Why then when contemplating buying a holiday house in a superannuation fund do some people turn to the person they’re sharing a glass of red wine with on a Saturday night?  It doesn’t make sense!  Every person’s circumstances are different; there can’t possibly be one solution that fits all.

For all of our mates (aka Clients) we encourage them to call and discuss any decision with us.  Sometimes, in fact a lot of the time, a solution can’t be found straight away, but with further discussion, and some research if needs be, a good piece of advice is communicated.

Maybe the accounting profession needs to take a good hard look at itself and realise that a lot of accountants are perceived to be inaccessible and poor communicators; something we are not!

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