Growing Pains Keeping You Awake?

Consider us a really good sleeping pill.

Business is much more than performing the necessary functions just to  get through the day.

Sometimes, you need some guidance to take your business in the direction you want it to go. Knowing where to look for opportunities and hazards, to navigate the complex maze of rules and regulations and know that you have correct knowledge and know how.

That’s the comfort that Proctor Major can provide and allow you to sleep at night.

Partner with us and we will…

  • Assist you with the right structure for your purposes.
  • Meet with you regularly so you really understand your financial data and the story it tells.
  • Advise on specialist tax law and tax planning to ensure you don’t pay unnecessary tax.
  • Create a dynamic Planning Document so that you have a framework which will help  you make the right decisions .
  • Help you define the true value of your business – to buy, sell or grow.
  • Formulate clear plans for the personal side of your business – Succession, Asset Protection and your Estate.
  • Become a sounding board for all the things you don’t have anyone else to talk to about.

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